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Live evergreen trees (balled-and-burlapped)

Balled-and-burlapped evergreens can be used for your Christmas tree and then planted outdoors as part of your landscape. Pines, spruce, and fir are often available from local nurseries this time of year. Prior to purchasing a tree, determine what you need in your landscape. If you don’t have room or the right conditions in your landscape, you are better off purchasing a cut tree.

Dig the hole prior to purchasing the tree and store the backfill in the garage or in black plastic bags outdoors. For information on planting trees properly, see Colorado Master Gardener GardenNotes #633: The Science of Planting Trees, at www.cmg.colostate.edu/gardennotes.

Plan on keeping the live tree in the house for less than a week (five days is ideal), maintaining soil moisture in the rootball. If you need to hold the tree for a few days after Christmas, store it in the garage and keep the rootball moist but not soggy.


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